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Prostatic endotoxin describes harmful substances within the prostate. Prostatic endotoxin is split into exotoxin and endotoxin. Exotoxin refers to external environment pollution, like, air pollution, water pollution, and food pollution. Environment pollution brings harmful chemical materials, like heavy metal cadmium can lead to prostate cancer. Endotoxin describes harmful products created in the body along the way of metabolism. These harmful products include: lactic acid, ketone acid, uric acid, and toxins. Prostatic endotoxin also may include: biological toxins produced by pathogenic micro-organisms, unwanted fat, and old and dead cells within the prostate. Prostatic endotoxin can accumulate in the prostate through various channels in to the prostate, such as rectal spread, blood flow, lymphatic circulation, and bladder urine backflow,etc . These endotoxins damage prostatic cells and tissues, irritate the urethra and nerves, and cause dysuria and male sexual dysfunction. When prostatic endotoxins continuously deposit within the prostate, they cause the prostate blockage, prostate calcification, and prostate cancer.

The causative pathogens and prostatic endotoxin, direct problems for prostate cells and tissues, produce many different pathological cells, compromise gland function, and the standard of semen,stimulate the urethra and nerves, may cause dysuria and male dysfunction. And then the prostate and vas deferens tubes become blocked, and calcification form. Overtime the prostate begin to create a assortment of lesions, including infection lesions, hypertrophic lesions, cancer lesions, resulting in an enlarged prostate.

These pathogens and prostatic endotoxin should be identified through proper specimen sampling techniques so the most effective 3d prostate treatment can be used for pathogen and endotoxin clearance. However, many urologists and healthcare providers are unable to properly identify the problem causing pathogens and endotoxin because of deficiency of knowledge of the biology needed to obtain accurate test result, and (2) inadequate or incorrect testing methods. Unfortunately, the blind use of oral and systemic injection medications to help remedy these conditions have become the treatment standard. As well many healthcare providers refuse to acknowledge the presence of causative pathogens and prostatic endotoxin. This results in treatment failure and other complications (adverse reactions) through the overuse and misuse of medications. In turn, this makes the original prostate diseases become more complex and difficult to deal with.

At our 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic we certainly have overcome the difficulties of testing and identifying causative pathogens and prostatic endotoxin. We have now our own biological laboratory. We make use of a full pair of laboratory examination and testing procedures together with our 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment to accurately determine the causative pathogens and prostatic endotoxin of prostate disease, (2) the very best treatment medications by drug sensitivity testing, the spot of diverse lesion tissue sites, and the most effective treatment solution to eliminate the causative pathogens, clear prostatic endotoxin and blockages and calcification, and discharge harmful substances.

The prostate can be a compound tubuloalveolar exocrine gland. You will find 30-50 acini from the prostate gland and 16-32 tiny ducts opening from the posterior urethra, this structure cannot discharge secretions well. After the causative pathogens and prostatic endotoxin enter in the prostate through different pathways, they directly damage the epithelial cells of your prostate and create pathological cells, cause prostate congestion and swelling. Acini and ducts in the prostate gland commence to form blockage, secretions cannot be discharged, and calcification will likely be formed inside of the blocked areas. Overtime the prostate began to make a selection of lesions, including infection lesions, hypertrophic lesions, cancer lesions, contributing to an enlarged prostate.

The causative pathogens and pathogenic cells and prostatic endotoxin hide inside the blocked areas, but when a patient’s immunity is weak or stimulated by internal or external factors, their growth and reproduction have the prostate irritated and enlarged, and compress the surrounding tissues for example the lymphatic ducts, tiny veins, glandular tubes, nerves, the posterior urethra, bladder, vas deferens and ejaculatory duct. Sometimes, the causative pathogens and pathogenic cells and prostatic endotoxin can spread towards the seminal vesicles, spermatic duct, epididymis, along with other areas, that will cause many symptoms. Due to absence of blood flowing towards the blocked areas, oral and systemic injection medications is not going to effectively penetrate these blocked areas.

Our unique localized 3D targeted injection method is the only technique of its kind. It will be the best technique to place medication directly into the core of the prostatic blockage and calcification lesions, and it will stay away from the unwanted effects and resistance that happen to be normally as a result of systemic administration. 3D targeted injection will set the medication inside the blockage and calcification lesion tissue areas within the prostate, as well as the concentration of medication within the core of the lesion tissue areas is going to be dozens of times higher than systemic administration, making drug resistance unlikely. The medicine duration and efficacy of each targeted injection may last greater than many hours when compared with a couple of hours of systemic administration.

As 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment solutions are progressing, the discharged harmful substances from the urine might be clearly seen with all the patient’s eyes, hence the treatment effect is real. Once all harmful substances are removed, prostate symptoms usually improve significantly and totally disappear over time; the lesion areas return to normal along with the prostate recovers. 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment techniques and our unblocking formula are unique in removing causative pathogens and pathogenic cells, clearing prostatic endotoxin and blockages and calcification, and discharging harmful substances. There is no other treatment solution this way in the world.

Allow me to share instances of prostate harmful substances expelled in the unblocking phase of the 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment. Many patients expel significant quantities of harmful substances over a period of time.

The 3D Prostate Targeted Therapy is the ideal prostate treatment worldwide. Traditional treatment solutions can’t do anything whatsoever to effectively treat the root factors behind the ailment, they could only treat surface symptoms. Therefore, after the therapy is stopped, surface symptoms will quickly relapse or become worse. Our 3D Prostate Treatment is a method that treats the main source of the illness,so when you are cured, your symptoms will never relapse. 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment neither has any adverse reactions, nor causes any injury to the prostate and also other urogenital organs.

Our 3d prostate treatment in china can be a scientific and natural therapy. It is highly efficient, safe, has short treatment periods, a consolidated cure effect, no significant pain, and no negative unwanted effects. Patients who receive our 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment come to understand that our techniques, skills, and clinical dexopky68 are the most effective in the world. No other doctors or medical establishments in the world have achieved our high success rates. For instance, the cure rate of 3D prostatitis treatment can reach 95%, as the traditional prostatitis treatment, their cure rates are below 20%.

Currently most prostate disease treatments cannot meet patients’ need for cure. There are many different therapy for prostate disease that are not quite effective. Usually prescribed remedies are antibiotics, physiotherapy, prostate massage, anti-inflammation, pain-killer, muscle relaxants, plant extracts, a-adrenergic blocker, 5a-reductase inhibitors, endocrine therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgical therapy. But both doctors and patients are certainly not pleased with the outcome from all of these prostate disease treatments.

These traditional treatments also cause many additional adverse reactions. For instance, transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) continues to be viewed as the gold standard for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) patients. Even though it can significantly enhance the urethral obstruction, but in addition may cause many additional side effects, for example struggling to ejacu-lation, bladder control problems, forming fibrosis sclerosis and calcification throughout the surgery area.

After receiving TURP, the patient’s central region in the prostate has formed a cavity, the nearby area has formed lots of calcification and fibrosis sclerosis, and thus causing recurrent urethritis and prostatitis.

The 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are focused on treating various types of prostate disease and complications, for example prostatitis, enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperlasia (BPH), prostate cancer, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis,cystitis, prostate blockage and calcification, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), etc.

We have been pleased to state generally we are able to safely and completely treat various complex prostate diseases and complications with this own unique 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment. We are the only hospital to provide 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment. Patients are derived from a lot more than 60 countries to get our treatment with many obtaining excellent results. Many long term sufferers who experienced treatment failure, developed resistance to medicines, or have been effectively abandoned by other medical establishments often obtain great results.

The Creditability of 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment and the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic

The 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment has developed according to researches and observations by Dr. Song. Many domestic and foreign patients happen to be treated before twenty years. The 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment features a unique method of eliminating the causative pathogens along with other prostate lesions. It really is safe and efficient for treating prostate disease and complications.

Patients often search details about us from the internet or from other patients. A lot of the patients we treat have long histories of prostate disease and complicated symptoms. They have got received various treatments elsewhere and can compare our 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment with other treatments. Almost all of our patients say, without a doubt, our 3d clinic is the best.

Our 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment method is conducted according to trust. Close relationships often develop between our doctors and patients. Also, patients often develop close relationships among themselves. We attempt hard to produce a good atmosphere of communication between doctors and patients. It is very important that patients achieve a good understanding of their condition and our treatment. Most of our patients say, when evaluating our treatment plan, we certainly have the ideal treatment as well as the best successful treatment effect.

There are lots of false information and advertisements online, and many patients happen to be cheated. Also as a result of diseases, some patients might have serious psychological problems. Of these patients, we shall emphasize much more on psycho-therapy, and attempt our very best to assist these patients. Mr. Lin from Zhanjiang has been affected by prostatitis for several years. He visited many doctors, and he was mentally desperate. He is successfully treated by our 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment, and he said doctors at our clinic are the most useful doctors he has met. Many foreign patients also said a similar.

Our 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment and 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics have highly gained reputations among our patients. 3D Prostate Targeted Therapy is amongst the best prostate treatments, and our 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are definitely the premier prostate treatment clinics worldwide. Testimonies and videos from patients around the world fully demonstrate this.

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